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Why You Need to Add Flip-Flops to Your Gym Bag in 2023

Wearing flip-flops in public showers is an important practice for many reasons. First, it helps to protect your feet from bacteria and fungi that can cause infections. This is especially important in places like gyms, as the showers are used by many people and the chance of coming into contact with germs is greater.

No Shower is Safe

The other thing to note is that it doesn't matter how upscale or clean your gym is. The showers are a different game. Since there is a lot of moisture and heat, bacteria can multiply fast. So unless showers and floors are getting sanitized between every guest, bacteria and fungus can spread.

Flip-flops Prevent Slips

Secondly, wearing flip-flops in public showers can help to prevent slips and falls. Water and tile usually make for a slippery combination. If you've skipped flip-flops, then you can be more like to slip. Plus, if you do slip and fall, you are more likely to get injured.

Taking care of your feet is taking care of your health

Taking care of your feet is important for your overall physical health and well-being. Making sure your feet have the proper support and protection from shoes that fit correctly, taking time to stretch, and getting regular foot massages, can all help to keep your feet healthy and working properly. When your feet are happy, you can walk longer, get more done, and even be spontaneous. It gives you the freedom to do the activities you enjoy without having to worry about pain or discomfort.

How to sanitize your feet after using a public shower

Just to be on the safe side, you can opt to sanitize your feet before you put on fresh socks and shoes. Here are a few steps to help you do that:

  • Make sure you thoroughly rinse your feet after showering, especially between your toes.

  • Dry your feet completely and use a clean towel.

  • Use a foot spray with anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. This will help eliminate any lingering germs and bacteria.

  • Apply a moisturizer or foot cream to your feet to help keep them hydrated and healthy.

  • If you have athlete's foot or toenail fungus, consult your doctor for treatment.

By following these steps, you can help ensure that your feet stay clean and healthy after using a public shower.


Throw a new pair of flip-flops in your gym bag or anytime you'll be showering in a public area. It helps to protect your feet from bacteria and fungi, helps to prevent slips and falls, and helps to prevent the spread of athlete’s foot. Therefore, it is important to always wear flip-flops when using public showers.

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