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All walks of life shoes
Premium Orthotics customers


Premium Orthotics is an orthotics brand with beginnings in Saint Louis, Missouri. We have partnered with medical professionals for three decades creating custom orthotics to help athletes, service industry workers, healthcare professionals and more to get the support they need. Now, Premium Orthotics has bundled all its knowledge into a powerful selection of ready-to-buy orthotics unlike any other.


Happy feet for all walks of life.

What Premium Orthotics is all about...


  • soft support

  • unparalleled relief

  • happy feet for all


  • forward momentum towards your goals

  • empowering our customers to be more active than ever


  • whether you're pursuing dreams or kiddos, we'll support you wherever you want to go

  • fulfilled and forward-momentum

  • energy to participate in life's special moments


  • quality of life, quality of product

  • superior materials and craftsmanship you can feel

  • durable and ready to support you wherever you go

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11833 Westline Industrial Drive

Saint Louis, MO 63146

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