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 Success Stories

We would like to hear about your Premium Orthotic experience.  Please use the contact us page to submit your comments.  Or you can call our customer service representative at 800-969-3668.

We look forward to hearing from you 

~Marilyn S. from Minnesota

I am so impressed with the service I received from your company. Two of your employees went to great lengths to make sure I had the right orthotic for my unique needs. I am walking without pain once again due to their kindness and expertise. Thank you!!

~Greg from Colorado

Love the insoles.  Price good. Easy to order. 

~Alice G. from Indiana

I have been purchasing these orthotics for my son since he was in 6th grade; he is now a college senior.  We love them!

~Nancy D. from New York

My husband and I love to dance, but my feet would hurt so bad I would have to remove my shoes.  But with the Premium Dress orthotics, I can dance all night with my shoes on.  I love your product!  Let's dance!!

~Harry W. from Missouri 

I had been bothered by persistent pain in my left foot for over two years.  It prevented me from jogging and other activities important to my well-being.  My knee became involved, because it compensated for my foot pain.  Within six weeks of using my Premium Orthotic inserts, the pain in my foot and knee were completely gone.  I will never wear another pair of shoes without your orthotics. 

~Tom B. from Missouri

The Sport Step Premium Orthotics my friend got me have been life-changing! After months of hobbling, limping, and dealing with exhausting hip pain, I am PAIN-FREE!!!! I felt I was doomed to a life of pain; owning my own business, surgery was not an option until the pain was unbearable, or I could no longer walk. The relief was immediate and amazing.  I highly recommend the Sport Step Premium Orthotics and am happy to be enjoying a pain-free life again. Thank you!

~Bill from Washington

I had another brand of over-the-counter orthotics in my shoes, but my foot pain continued.  I replaced them with your Sport Step orthotics and what a difference they have made in just a few days.  Sport Step is now my inserts of choice.

~Ken S. from South Carolina

I received my Dynaflex Foot Plate on Tuesday within three days my pain was eliminated.  My feet, knees and back felt great!  The product helped me greatly. 

~Larry E. from Florida

My feet hurt with every step, due to my plantar fasciitis.  I received your Premium Orthotics, and oh my gosh I am pain free!  I can't believe how great they are.  I am ordering a second pair. 

~Martha M. from Missouri

While power walking with friends in Maine, I stepped on a rock causing a stress fracture in my foot.  I was in a lot of pain and had to use a wheelchair during the duration of my visit.  Upon arriving home, I ordered a Dynaflex Foot Plate, and the difference it made was unbelievable!  I was able to walk immediately pain free.

~Sheryl G. from North Carolina 

I love the inserts.  My foot doctor sold me my first few pairs, then I started ordering them myself through your website.  They have helped me so much through my foot problem.  For me, nothing else works. 

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