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Favorite Shoes Too Uncomfortable to Wear? Try this...

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Sometimes our favorite shoes are relegated to the back of the closet. Once in a while, we might pull them out asking ourselves why we haven't worn them in forever. Then we put them on and it all comes flooding back. The pinching, the sliding, the loose fit... So we kick them off and move on to something else. We don't want to get rid of them though because, after all, they are great shoes.

Good news. You can wear your favorite shoes again with a little trick. Shoe inserts.

Provided that the reason you're skipping your favorite shoes is that they don't offer good support or perhaps they're a little too big, orthotic inserts can solve your issues. Shoe inserts are designed to provide cushioning and support and can actually be used in more types of shoes than you think. Walking shoes, loafers, slides, and even heels can take orthotics. You can find just the right kind, made from a variety of materials like foam or gel in a range of shapes.

Orthotic inserts are also beneficial if you’re planning on wearing your shoes for a long period of time. They provide extra cushioning and support, making your feet less prone to soreness and fatigue. Additionally, they can help to absorb shock and provide stability when you’re walking or running.

If you’re looking to extend the life of your favorite shoes, shoe inserts are definitely worth a try. Not only can they provide cushioning and support, but they can also help to reduce foot fatigue and improve your overall comfort. With a little extra room and the right shoe inserts, you can wear your favorite shoes with confidence and in comfort.

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