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Premium Orthotics

Happy feet for all walks of life.

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Our brand of premium off the shelf orthotics and foot plates. No need for a doctor’s referral.

Just the flexible, adaptive support and relief you need when you need it.

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Here's the truth about  orthotics...

Orthotic shoe inserts give you instant comfort and allow you to meet challenges head-on, join in on life’s important moments, and top personal bests.

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About Us

Orthotics aren't just for people with foot problems

We’ve seen it all since we opened our doors in 1986; myths and misconceptions running rampant in the orthotic industry.


The first and most commonly believed myth we bust daily is that foot orthotics aren't just for people with foot problems, but everyone.


In reality, anyone, at any age, and in any walk of life can benefit from a little extra support. So, over three decades ago we hit the pavement in our hometown of Saint Louis, Missouri, to partner with doctors specializing in foot, back, knee, and hip pain. 


Since then, podiatrists and other healthcare professionals have referred their patients to our team for customized shoe inserts that beat anything you can find at the drugstore. 


We’ve outfitted at-risk individuals, kids, athletes, folks in the service industry, hospitality, healthcare, and so many more. 

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The Premium Orthotic difference...

We got our start building customized pairs of inserts to perfectly suit the individual. We made sure the orthotics are our customers' perfect solution by getting to know them, their lifestyles, goals, and everyday needs.  


If anyone knows feet, we do.

Our clinic has partnered with doctors and orthopedic specialists for over thirty-five years. They send their patients to us, we custom-fit their orthotics, and the customers walk away happy.


But we wanted to do more for our customersCould we take everything we've learned and put it into an off-the-shelf version that saves time and money while preserving all of the amazing benefits that custom orthotics offer?

Short answer? Yes! We painstakingly developed a ready-to-buy collection of premium orthotics that is as close to "custom" as you can get on the market. No trips to the doctor, unless needed. Now you do not have to wait! You can get quality off-the-shelf orthotics right away. 

Our Premium Orthotics maximize quality while addressing the biggest and most common challenges people face when they are living life.

Ready to wear orthotics, with best-in-class medical technology baked in. 

Why Premium Orthotics?

You could fork over hundreds on sub-par shoe inserts that don’t truly address the underlying issues you’re facing. Then when you’re still experiencing discomfort, you’re on your way to the drugstore for creams, extra-strength Tylenol, wraps, braces, and anything else you hope will work.


While we always advise seeing your doctor if you’re experiencing prolonged pain, you also want to make sure the things you buy actually work. That’s why we build medical technology and comfort know-how into our products so it's a guaranteed comfort-fit every time.


That way, you can trade your pain for comfort and get where you want to go without paying an arm and leg.

*If you are experiencing chronic pain, see your doctor first.

Who is this for?

  • People who want to remain pain-free and comfortable for longer like kids and adults with no existing issues.

  • Athletic individuals who need to perform at their best and can’t be slowed down by preventable injuries.

  • Service and delivery personnel who work almost 100% on their feet and have long shifts.

  • Hairstylists and barbers who are lucky to sit for 5 minutes and scarf down their lunch.

  • At-risk individuals who must take care of their feet so they can continue to join in on life’s important moments.

Who isn't this for?

  • Folks who have had long term, "chronic" and severe foot, leg, knee or back issues that would require a visit to your doctor.

Happy customers said...

Marylin S. from Minnesota

I am so impressed with the service I received from your company. Two of your employees went to great lengths to make sure I had the right orthotic for my unique needs. I am walking without pain once again due to their kindness and expertise. Thank you!!

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