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Orthotic Shoe Inserts for Athletes and Increased Activity



Go another round.


Sport Step is designed for trailblazers, national park enthusiasts, bocci ball players, and athletic types of all kinds. These inserts secure your feet with durable, high-performance foam and a sturdy heel cup, letting you go one more round, lap, or set. 


Like all Premium Orthotic inserts, these harness Dynamic Alignment technology, which works to properly align joints, eliminating misalignments that cause undue stress and tension on your joints and day. Overall, enjoy improved endurance and comfort. 


  • All-weather and wear-resistant 

  • Fits running shoes, walking shoes, and any athletic-style shoe

  • Wide range of sizes for Men and Women

  • Customizable, cut-to-size materials for further fit perfection

  • Firm heel cup for extra stability and support

  • Poron to absorb impact and prevent fatigue

  • Wash with light soap or detergent on a damp washcloth. Air dry.

  • A brief break-in period is required to become accustomed to new orthotics

  • Made in the USA

*Disclaimer: Consult your physician if you experience chronic or prolonged issues with foot, hips, back conditions, stability, or other high-risk factors associated with foot health. 

Sport Step

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